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A Minute With The Manager: Less Than A Week To Go

Published : 24/Mar/2017

It is almost time to welcome guests through the door and begin a new chapter in the life of the venue. The first few weeks will see us getting to know a new venue and how to get the best service for our guests out of the facilities. The Octagon is now 43 years old and has seen significant changes to the venue and continuous development of our programme and service and it will take us time to build up our events, service and reputation for Westlands.

There is great excitement and anticipation in the town for the new venue and we know there are thousands of people who hold great affection for the venue they have grown up with. We sincerely hope they will be pleased with the changes to the venue and will like what they see. We also hope the events we stage will prove to be popular, breathing new life into the venue and see it thriving and attracting visitors to the area. Venues like The Octagon and Westlands can be driving forces for economic regeneration bringing visitors and investment into the region.

At The Octagon we pride ourselves on championing local suppliers and this is something we will continue at Westlands. Our region is home to fantastic businesses and great food and drink producers and Westlands will showcase many of these companies. With superb conference and meeting facilities the venue will also support local businesses to develop and showcase their work. Westlands has huge potential to deliver economic transformation as well as being a venue people can be entertained and have fun. Along with the Octagon Theatre we now have facilities that many towns, far larger than Yeovil, would be very envious of, and it is now up to all of us to make a success of the opportunity we’ve been given.

When I moved down to Yeovil  seven years ago I had no idea that one day I’d be running two venues in the town, I’m very grateful for the opportunities that have been given to me, the lessons that I’ve learnt and support I’ve been given. I am very proud of the team that will work across both venues and thankful for all the hard work, passion, talent and dedication they show every day – and on the whole they’re a nice bunch of people to work with too! It really feels like a momentous change is happening and big and exciting things are taking place. At a time where the news feel full of ‘doom and gloom’ and we see other venues closing it really is a great thing to see The Octagon doing so well and a new venue opening in the town.

One of our key missions with The Octagon has been to provide ‘something for everyone’ so that anybody picking up one of our brochures would find at least one show that would appeal to them. We have the same mission for Westlands and hope that over our first 12 months of operation you, your friends and family, will find something to entertain and inspire you. This is your venue and we want to make you proud of it.

The countdown is on, late nights, takeaway-fuelled extra hours, scratching of heads and satisfied sighs of relief are all imminent. It is good to take a moment to reflect on all the hard work, how we got here and what we hope to achieve.

I hope you’ll join us – 2017 is about to get even more exciting.